Natural Progesterone Side Effects What Might They Be

Natural progesterone  side effects are of concern to anyone new to the idea of using natural progesterone as a therapy.

In recent years, natural progesterone has enjoyed increased popularity and usage among women. Users are interested in restoring hormonal imbalances without the use of synthetic hormones and other pharmaceuticals having potentially very dangerous side effects, including various forms of cancers.

Compounding the concern about natural progesterone side effects is the continued reluctance of mainstream medical practitioners to promote and prescribe the use of natural progesterone among patients.

While the effects of natural progesterone and hormonal imbalance has been studied for a number of years, the last 30 years has seen a significant increase in the costs related to medical studies and trials, as well as pharmaceutical testing.

These days, a great deal of medical research and testing is conducted in close relationship with pharmaceutical companies. It is very possible, and highly probable that these companies may not be so eager to promote a treatment with a product (natural progesterone) for which there can be no patent, and thus no significant financial gain for any pharmaceutical entity.

So what are the possible natural progesterone side effects?

First, let’s make the distinction that natural progesterone is bioidentical to progesterone manufactured in a human body. It is not a synthetic hormone. Possible side effects are often the result of the dosage used.

If taken in larger than recommended doses, progesterone may contribute to hormonal imbalance and thus cause bloating, increased breast tenderness, increased headache, increased menstrual cramping, increased weight gain and increased mood swings.

In addition, natural progestrone creams are absorbed through the skin and may accumulate in fatty tissues. The way to avoid such side effects is to commence by using the recommended dosage and to then either increase or reduce the dosage until you find the correct amount to use for your body.

Many women use natural progesterone with no side effects. When first using natural progesterone creams, it is advisable to consult a medical professional, and begin by using the lowest recommended dosage until you find the dosage that works best for relieving your problematic symptoms.

Although natural progesterone side effects may be cause for concern, natural progesterone provides relief for a number of women safely and naturally.

Educating yourself about its benefits and uses, and consultation with authorities within the medical and health community will help you to make the best decisions regarding your health issues, and find the greatest possible benefits of using natural progesterone therapy.