The Role of Progesterone in the Body

Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance

What you’re experiencing are symptoms which are caused by fluctuations in your hormones and low progesterone levels causing a progesterone and oestrogen hormone imbalance– something completely out of your control. Supplementing your progesterone level can eliminate these symptoms by balancing your hormones and restoring your quality of life.
The hormones that we have serve a very important purpose, but unfortunately, in some women and also men, they get extremely imbalanced, causing a wide-range of symptoms, just as you’re experiencing right now.The good news is that there is hope for you to restore hormone balance and normality to your life, even if you have suffered from these symptoms for years.
Dr Hotze talks about the role of progesterone in the body and discusses the many advantages of using progesterone cream

If you are at all uncertain of what natural progesterone can do please spend 5 minutes of your time watching this. It is well worth it.

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