Can Natural Progesterone Cream Improve Fertility

Natural progesterone cream is nowadays widely used to help raise the levels of the much needed hormone progesterone in order to strengthen the lining of the uterus- which once again is essential for a full term pregnancy- and to prevent early miscarriages as well as other difficult fertility related problems.

Discussing fertility issues and their treatments is not an easy thing to do. It’s a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack, and for those of you who have had the misfortune of going through traumatic pregnancies, complications and even miscarriages, the overwhelming feeling of loss coupled with the sadness and anxiety can have many detrimental impacts on most areas of your life.

Fertility is a complicated matter and medical researchers are still baffled by the many complications that are linked to fertility in general and especially with regards to healthy young women. Of course, it would be wrong to state that fertility treatments aren’t available but it’s also true to say that in most cases, these costly treatment methods aren’t as effective and successful as the should be.

Fertility clinics have sprung up almost everywhere lately, and despite the many different forms of treatments on offer, their success rates have been poor. Furthermore, these methods are often invasive and costly, which means that only a very small portion of the women suffering from fertility problems can envisage such treatments.

Now, to the question whether swapping conventional treatments for something as simple as natural progesterone cream is concerned, the answer, today in 2012, is a definitive yes! As mentioned earlier, fertility is a vast and complicated subject and should certainly not be labelled as “easy to treat or cure” but parts of the solution lies in the problem itself.

In health-related issues, people often skip “common sense treatments” as we call it, for much more sophisticated ones, because they feel that they have no other choice. You see, the main point for most sufferers is to be able to get rid of the pain quickly- if pain there is- instead of looking for effective ways to target the real cause of the condition.

With regards to fertility issues in general, pain is not the main issue. However, the inability to conceive is! Far too many women supposedly healthy can’t bring a pregnancy to full term for one simple reason; most of them silently suffer from a severe lack of the progesterone hormone. The condition called hormonal imbalance is well-known and must be taken more seriously than it has in the past!

Hormonal imbalance is not a rare condition at all. A great number of women suffer from bouts of hormonal disruptions at some points in their lives, and this is quite common and normal!

However, when the condition takes a recurrent form, the reproductive system as a whole becomes unable to function as it should. And unfortunately, this can mean the worst for many women who are otherwise in full health and haven’t been diagnosed with a condition that could directly impact their fertility.

So, what is this “common sense” approach to fighting infertility issues and is natural progesterone cream a miracle cure.

Miracle cure? Maybe not! But, a real and effective treatment certainly! And here is the reason why; a healthy pregnancy requires a healthy reproductive system to put it very simply. Likewise, a healthy reproductive system must include a robust uterus for the fertilized egg to be able to implant itself and become an embryo, and later a foetus.

Unfortunately, a deficiency in the progesterone hormone will not make it possible for the lining of the uterus to welcome and keep the egg. Sadly, this is the main cause of early miscarriages, especially in young women.

A drop in the levels of progesterone- and it doesn’t have to be a significant drop- can have multiple causes and the list is unfortunately expanding all the time. Whilst some women are naturally prone to hormonal disruptions, others are more or less responsible for their hormonal imbalance.

Smoking, bad dietary habits, lack of physical exercises, alcohol and many more will have a serious detrimental effect on a woman’s body and eventually play havoc with the hormone levels.

The common sense approach consists of supplementing the depleted levels of progesterone without having to resort to heavy fertility treatment methods, which in most cases include chemical-based medications. A growing number of women suffering from the condition have embraced a far simpler cure in the form of natural progesterone cream.

NatPro is one of the most effective, reliable and affordable natural progesterone cream on the current market. This brand of natural progesterone cream contains bio-identical components and ingredients. This simply means that the molecules contained in the ointment and absorbed by your skin are the same as the ones normally produced by your body.

The benefits are multiple, beginning with a complete absence of side effects. All of the components are plant-based and 100% natural, which represent a great change from all the chemical-laden medications available over the counter, and which often make the condition worse.

Another great benefit is the fact that the natural progesterone cream loses none of its potency since it is trans-dermal. Oral medication can lose up to 40% of its potency through the digestion process. In some cases, it has been reported that up to 80% of the active ingredients of certain medications were destroyed by the liver and therefore ineffective.

Applying natural progesterone cream will ensure an even distribution of the active ingredients and more importantly no loss during the process. The fact that the cream gets absorbed straight away also means a quick relief, if some of you are experiencing the common symptoms associated with hormonal imbalance.

So, as a conclusion, swapping costly and ineffective conventional fertility treatments for NatPro natural progesterone cream is certainly the wisest choice you can make if you want to prepare your body for a healthy and uneventful pregnancy.


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