Maintaining a Healthy Pregnancy by Supplementing Your Progesterone Levels

Since it has now widely been acknowledged that a severe lack of progesterone combined with an excess of oestrogen invariably leads to fertility disruptions, and in many cases, a possible loss of the embryo, supplementing your levels of progesterone naturally remains a solution for a smooth pregnancy.

Sadly, an alarmingly increasing number of healthy women end up exhausted, despondent and simply unable or possibly unwilling to conceive after having experienced traumatic pregnancies as well as miscarriages. It’s estimated that one out of five pregnancies end up in an early miscarriage, and the physical and psychological impacts are huge.

The causes and reasons are multiple but recent medical research have confirmed that 70% of all complicated pregnancies as well as early miscarriages can be attributed to severe progesterone deficiency.

Generally speaking, most women suffer from some kind of hormone imbalance at some point in their lives but when a simple hormonal dysfunction becomes a chronic condition, and therefore poses a real threat to women’s fertility, the issue must be addressed to prevent difficult and unhealthy pregnancies.

So, how can you ensure a healthy pregnancy and why do pregnancies go wrong in the first place

Pregnancies can go wrong for many reasons, as explained above. However, in most cases, and if you are not suffering from an underlying disease or condition that could directly affect your fertility, they can be easily prevented. Naturally, it’s best to consult a specialist at least once a year to ensure that your reproductive health is functioning properly.

As briefly discussed above, one of the main culprits leading to disrupted pregnancies remains the low progesterone levels. This creates an imbalance between the hormones that are necessary for procreation. The way hormonal imbalance affects your reproductive system is quite simple to understand.

First of all, the role of the progesterone hormone is key to a healthy pregnancy for the following reason;

For a smooth pregnancy to take place, a healthy fertilized egg must be able to not only reach the uterus safely, but more importantly, it must implant itself firmly within the womb for the duration of the gestation.

If for any reasons- and in most cases they are hard to pinpoint-, the levels of progesterone aren’t up to par with what a woman’s reproductive system requires to sustain a healthy pregnancy, chances are that early miscarriages as well as other infertility-related conditions will develop early on.

This said, there is hope these days, and contrary to popular belief, preventing difficult pregnancies is not an impossible task. Naturally, it would be wrong to say that all women can fight infertility or at least minimise the risks of going through difficult pregnancies but progress has been made and more and more women with a history of miscarriages and infertility have successfully managed to give birth in the best of conditions.

So, how have they done it?

Well, they have chosen to follow a much more “common sense” approach to preventing difficult pregnancies and miscarriages by replacing the missing progesterone hormone naturally instead of relying on heavy chemical- based treatment methods, which haven’t proven successful.

You see, the solution to the problem is in fact much simpler than people would like to think. Supplementing the levels of progesterone isn’t difficult either and certainly doesn’t require endless visits to a fertility clinic or heavy medications. A great number of women who have been diagnosed with depleted levels of this hormone are using a simple natural progesterone cream to ensure that enough will be present before, during and after their cycles.

An increased production of the progesterone will stimulate the reproductive system in general, but most importantly, it will ensure that the lining of the uterus is strong enough for the fertilized egg to implant and settle for the duration of the gestation.

Natural progesterone cream is certainly not new but it’s only recently and thanks to the development of alternative therapies that more and more women have decided to use it for fertility-related issues. And, it has worked wonders! Natural progesterone cream and more particularly Natpro has many benefits that none of the other conventional treatments can provide.

The progesterone cream itself is what we call “bio identical”. This means that the components and more particularly the molecules contained in the ointment are the same as the ones produced by women’s reproductive system (ovaries and glands).  Side effects are  non existent but more importantly, since the cream penetrates the skin without getting damaged before getting into the blood stream, its potency and effectiveness remain totally unaltered.

Other forms of medications, especially pills for instance don’t offer this level of effectiveness since their potency is affected by at least 40% during the digestion process. In case of pills for instance, the liver can get rid of up to 80% of the active ingredients meaning that a woman looking to supplement her levels of progesterone would have to take a really high number of pills to obtain the potency and effectiveness of the trans-dermal cream.

Finally, supplementing your depleted levels of progesterone hormones with Natpro Cream is not only effective and safe but has another added benefit; its ease of use. Indeed, using the cream couldn’t be easier. It is advised to get at least 20mg of pure progesterone into your system everyday for the first 3 months to ensure long-lasting results.

Apply the cream on areas of your body where the skin is soft so that the trans-dermal ointment can be absorbed easily and rapidly. Areas such as the face or neck are highly recommended for best results.


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