Female Infertility-Bypassing Conventional Treatment Methods

Fight Female Infertility With Natural Progesterone Cream

female infertilityFemale infertility commonly defined as the impossibility for a female to carry a pregnancy to full term, affects millions of women around the globe. It is indeed a very sad fact and if you’re reading this article, you may be one of those unfortunate women desperately trying to conceive but aren’t sure which approach to take.


Of course, there are plenty of different possible causes, some of which can be attributed to genetic factors or serious health conditions such as diabetes, thyroid or adrenal disorders. Environmental factors such as toxins can also be responsible for female infertility and in some cases permanent infertility.


However, some recent medical studies have shown that in the case of female infertility, the major causes could be attributed to hormonal disorders, often referred to as oestrogen dominance or hormonal imbalance. This change in hormone levels and more particularly the sharp drop in the progesterone hormone is not without consequences for women who have a strong desire to conceive.


Indeed, the female reproductive system is a finely tuned biological mechanism but is particularly sensitive to hormone deficiencies. The progesterone is produced and used by the body to prepare the uterus to receive the embryo. If, for any reason, a woman has low levels of progesterone during the 10 to 12 first weeks of her pregnancy, she would normally miscarry.


Progesterone helps strengthen and maintain the endometrium to ensure the implantation of the fertilized egg, and the healthy development of the embryo throughout the pregnancy. Most women experience drops in their progesterone levels at some point but when it becomes a chronic condition, the chances of carrying a pregnancy to full term sadly becomes dismal.



Contrary to popular belief, early miscarriages aren’t “unpreventable” and are in most cases related to depleted progesterone level, which can fortunately be restored with the right treatment. Now, as the title suggests, conventional treatments that include IVF and other high-cost invasive treatments are certainly not the best options to treat infertility.


First of all, their success rates are quite low and as explained, most of them are expensive. Ethical issues have also been raised about those infertility treatments especially in the case of IVF, which can result in multiple or premature births as well as other serious health issues


Furthermore, treating non-permanent infertility with such radical treatments has been criticized by the medical profession. Indeed, whenever it is a case of oestrogen dominance or low progesterone, other simple and natural solutions are on hand to help restore the imbalance and help women carry a baby to full term.


Nowadays, supplementing the low levels of progesterone can be done naturally by using natural progesterone cream. This very simple and yet effective natural treatment has helped countless women who had been plagued with hormone imbalance, early miscarriages and infertility.


The natural progesterone cream works in symbiosis with the biological system for a very simple reason. The molecules of the progesterone hormone contained in the cream are the same as the ones produced by a woman’s adrenal glands and reproductive system. This ensures a perfectly safe way of supplementing the depleted levels of this crucial hormone, which is a key player in female reproduction.


Whilst the treatment itself may appear to be quite simplistic at first, especially in the case of infertility, the results are pretty astounding. Once again, the reason is very simple. The natural progesterone cream does exactly what it says and targets the root cause of the issue without losing any of its potency since it is a trans-dermal treatment.


Unlike pills for instance, which potency is dramatically reduced through the digestion process, the 100% natural plant-based hormones contained in the natural progesterone cream will be evenly and effectively distributed into the biological system.


Using natural progesterone cream is also one of the perks of choosing this treatment. Indeed, the process is very easily done and will soon become part of your daily routine. However, it’s best to follow a few easy steps to ensure you get the optimum results.


First of all, applying the cream after ovulation is recommended because using it before the ovulation process would give the opposite effect of what you are looking for. In general, ovulation occurs 14 days from the start of the menstruation. And, to make the treatment even more effective, it is recommended to wait 1 or 2 days after ovulation before starting the treatment.


The recommended dosage of cream you should use is anything between 100 to 200 milligrams daily. Not all brands of natural progesterone cream give this exact dosage but you should not exceed 200 milligrams per day unless advised by your physician or pharmacist.


Using the cream twice a day is best as it gives your body two supplements during the day. It’s best to do it at the same time each day so that your biological clock gets accustomed to the process. Using different amounts of cream each time is also encouraged as long as you do not go over the recommended dosage.


When applying the cream, make sure you choose several areas on your body. First users are often advised to apply it on the face and neck as the skin is thinner. This way, the ingredients will be absorbed much more easily. The natural progesterone cream is not greasy and mixes well with any other cosmetic creams you may be using.


As far as the length of the treatment is concerned, each person reacts differently so it’s difficult to give a definite length of time. Starting off with a period of six months is a good idea. Some women will require fewer weeks to get optimal results but in most cases, an increase in the levels of progesterone can be noted after a few weeks of treatment.



Finally, bear in mind that fertility is dependent on many other factors too, but by choosing to tackle your infertility issue the natural way, your chances of conceiving are most certainly higher than by using the other much more expensive and controversial treatments.


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