Early Miscarriages and Lack of Progesterone

Those of you who’ve had the misfortune of suffering from early miscarriages know just how traumatic the experience can be.

The emotional impacts can be devastating and more so in the case of early miscarriages; doubts and fears regarding  future pregnancies will  start to creep up.

There are plenty of different causes that can lead to an early miscarriage. Amongst all of them, one seems to stand out quite significantly; hormonal imbalance.

A quick re-cap may be necessary to understand the exact role of hormonal imbalance in relation to fertility and reproduction.

Simply put, a hormonal imbalance is a significant dip in the level of progesterone hormones produced by a woman’s body and in most cases an increase in the level of oestrogen.

This disharmony in the levels of hormones will eventually lead to health issues and in our case; the lack of progesterone will have negative effects on the reproductive system itself.

The progesterone hormone, also known as the “pregnancy hormone” is produced by a woman’s body (mainly the ovaries and other glands) to prepare the uterine walls to receive the fertilized egg.

Not enough progesterone will result in the womb being unable to implant the egg, which will eventually be expelled naturally.

What is the best solution for early miscarriages

With a really high success rate, natural progesterone cream seems like the best solution to prevent the premature shedding of the fertilized egg, which leads to early miscarriages.

Conventional treatments are still popular but the results aren’t satisfactory, hence the increasing number of women turning to a more holistic approach to avoid risky pregnancies.

Natural progesterone cream is a win-win solution for many different reasons.

The cream is made up of plant-based ingredients and is 100% natural but that’s not all. The active ingredient, the progesterone hormone, is made up of bio-identical molecules the same molecules as the progesterone hormone produced by a woman’s body.

This means that there will be no risk of side-effects whatsoever. None has been reported so far and the industry is taking every possible measure to increase the quality of this totally natural remedy.

The guideline for using natural progesterone cream is simple and can, depending on the severity of your symptoms, be adapted to your particular case.

Natural progesterone cream will begin to supplement your own progesterone levels right after the first application.

Whilst it usually takes a few weeks to obtain conclusive results, in most cases, the treatment can be stopped after the hormone levels have been fully restored.

Natural progesterone cream can even help women who have a history of difficult pregnancies and early miscarriages.

The cream has also been successfully used to treat fertility for women who appeared to have serious ovulatary dysfunction and therefore remains one of the best solutions to avoid traumatic pregnancies and early miscarriages.



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