How Natural Progesterone Can Eliminate Symptoms of PMS

Many women would like to know how to relieve symptoms of PMS. The good news is that it certainly can be relieved in most cases.

Whilst diet and other lifestyle changes can certainly have some effect it is the hormonal imbalance that is the most difficult to restore.

What Causes Pre Menstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Symptoms of PMS occur when there is an over abundance of oestrogen in the body. This causes a hormonal imbalance whereby the woman becomes what is known as oestrogen dominant, meaning progesterone and oestrogen are not balanced. This results in the tell tale  symptoms of PMS such as:

Stomach cramping
Mood swings
Tender breasts

Progesterone is a hormone which is very much involved in the menstruation cycle as well as pregnancy. They are a naturally occurring hormone in the human body. Progestins on the other hand are synthetic progestogens. This is why natural progesterone is ideal to relieve symptoms of pms, because it is all natural and not chemically formulated. PMS or pre menstrual syndrome is a common occurrence for women when they are about to have their period each month.

Symptoms of PMS

Fatigue – Most women feel more tired than usual just before their period begins.

Mood swings – Irritability and moodiness is a common sign of PMS.

Headaches – Not all women experience headaches however many notice an onset of headaches up to one week before menstruation.

Stomach cramping – Very common symptom, often severely debilitating.

Sore breasts – Most women experience breast tenderness.

Depression – Similar to mood swings, with heightened emotions causing feelings of depression and sadness.

The above are just the typical symptoms and the most common. Some women experience other symptoms for which natural progesterone can also assist with.

Menstruation affects women both physically and mentally so it is important that any treatment addresses both of these issues, not just the physical symptoms as many PMS medications attempt to focus on. PMS sufferers often show signs of oestrogen dominance. This is where there is not enough progesterone being produced in the body

If a woman fails to ovulate in a particular month (and this is more common than you think) then the progesterone levels will not rise enough to be balanced with oestrogen. This means that progesterone deficiency will occur which can cause PMS.

How to Relieve Symptoms of PMS

 Countless women the world over are realizing the benefits of natural progesterone when it comes to relieving the symptoms of PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome).

Natural progesterone supplements the natural progesterone that a woman’s body produces. Whilst extremely useful for PMS, it is also highly beneficial for menopause as women produce less and less progesterone as they age.

Whilst doctors often prescribe synthetic progesterone, it is the natural progesterone creams like NatPro which hold the greatest benefit for PMS sufferers.

Synthetic progesterone can cause health problems beyond that of PMS symptoms. It can actually play havoc with the natural production of progesterone, which defeats the purpose of taking progesterone supplementation.

What else can happen if you take synthetic progesterone rather than natural progesterone?

Your body can start producing more testosterone, the male sexual hormone. This results in further degradation of health and the appearance of unwanted male characteristics such as facial hair.

Side effects which can occur from non natural progesterone include:
Kidney dysfunction
Cardiac dysfunction
Birth defects
Fluid retention

These are just some of the dangerous symptoms which can occur from using synthetic progesterone creams. I don’t know about you, but it’s certainly not worth the risk! Natural progesterone does not come with these risks.

Natural progesterone will not react negatively on your health. Natural PMS treatment like NatPro is the ideal way to treat the debilitating monthly symptoms that so many women simply suffer through each month.

NatPro is applied to the skin and is quickly absorbed to relieve symptoms of pms. There are no artificial hormones or chemicals, just an all natural formula which means no side effects and no long term damage, unlike synthetic progesterone which carries with it a host of risks.

What else will a natural progesterone cream do for you?

Assists in giving you a better nights sleep
Many women have reported an increase in daily energy levels
An overall sense of wellbeing
Relief from hot flushes
Helps prevent osteoporosis

When to Use Natural Progesterone For Symptoms of PMS

If you want to relieve the symptoms of PMS with Natpro then the best way to do it is to start building up the level of progesterone in your body from around day 15 of your menstrual cycle (you will need to know your cycle to do this). If you then increase these levels right up to just before your period, you should notice a dramatic decrease in PMS symptoms.

Although day 15 is recommended as the time to being Natural progesterone treatment, every woman is different and some require progesterone earlier than day 15. You will gradually learn to know the right time for you after you begin using it.

After using Natural progesterone for 3 or 4 months you should notice an overall difference in your menstruation symptoms.


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