PMS Relief – Top Natural Treatments

For many women, PMS or premenstrual syndrome can be a painful time. They may suffer from a variety of symptoms including weight gain, irritability, anger, fatigue, difficulty concentrating as well as hunger cravings. Many women also suffer migraines, breast soreness and backaches.

Women looking for PMS relief should look at moderate exercise and massage. Moderate exercise can keep the muscles stretched and limber, whilst also ensuring that you can keep any weight gain down. If you are suffering lower back soreness, you may also want to consider massage to ease your pain. Massage can also help with stress reduction.

Regulating your diet is also important to ensure that you can relieve any symptoms of PMS that you may be suffering. You should eat regular, smaller meals, throughout the day and cut out any unhealthy food options from your diet such as high sugar foods, caffeine and alcohol. Make sure you eat plenty of whole grains and plenty of calcium.

Many of the symptoms of PMS can be alleviated with the use of herbal remedies. Any imbalances in the body may be counteracted with these treatments.

Premenstrual Syndrome can also lead to an imbalance of the hormone oestrogen in the body, and this imbalance can escalate PMS symptoms. As such, the use of natural progesterone can be a popular treatment option.

Progesterone is a regulating hormone in the body and helps regulate other hormones such as oestrogen. Because it also helps regulate blood sugar levels, progesterone can also be useful in ensuring that you avoid cravings.

Most women suffer from some level of PMS, with some women feeling their symptoms worse than other women. The purpose of this article was to give you a variety of natural PMS relief options.


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