Symptoms of Oestrogen Dominance – Causes and Remedy

Oestrogen dominance is unfortunately more and more common amongst women of all ages. The condition eventually takes its toll on most sufferers and yet a great majority of them are untreated.

What’s the reason behind this? Any such pathology should be considered serious and treated accordingly especially when they can lead to conditions such as osteoporosis for instance.

The causes of oestrogen dominance

The causes of oestrogen dominance have been widely debated and the current consensus is that any human being- male or female- can suffer from this condition to various extents of course. Oestrogen being a female hormone, women are more at risk of developing serious symptoms. The true causes of the condition can’t be fully determined but medical researchers agree on several factors that could trigger the surge in oestrogen and the hormonal imbalance.

First of all, the environment is most probably one of the main causes. The fact that we live in a very industrialized environment leads to metabolic disruptions caused by toxins produced by exhaust fumes, industrial products, chemical pesticides and anything that has been processed industrially. Also, it seems that the xenohormones, which are industrial pollutants, are responsible for a great majority of hormonal imbalance-related symptoms and complications.

Symptoms of Oestrogen Dominance

As far as the symptoms of Oestrogen Dominance are concerned, they vary to some degree and can range from simple but chronic headaches to unexplained weight gain, hair loss, insomnia as well as chronic fatigue and irritability. Oestrogen Dominance is, despite what most people assume, a condition that must be taken seriously and treated just like any other such condition. If left untreated, serious conditions such as thyroid dysfunction and osteoporosis can develop at a later stage.

Remedies for Oestrogen Dominance

There are many remedies available everywhere, this is a fact! However, the truth is different. Most remedies will have no long-lasting effects on the condition itself, only on the symptoms. Most remedies prescribed by doctors are chemical-based and will produce side-effects. It would be lying to say that no improvement is felt by those trying these treatments, but they are short-lived and have just not proven effective.

Treatments that aren’t natural are likely to further disrupt your hormonal system and this can natural lead to a worsening of your oestrogen dominance problems. The only effective remedy that has produced great results so far is natural progesterone cream. This 100% natural plant-based cream has helped sufferers cope with the symptoms but also eradicated the hormonal imbalance for good.

Natural progesterone cream is the only effective solution because the molecules contained in the ointment are the same as the ones produced by your organs and distributed in your body. Once absorbed through your skin, the progesterone will balance out the current lack of this necessary hormone and restore balance within your biological system, thus eradicating the symptoms and preventing recurrences.



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