Treating Symptoms in the Post Menopause

Most women reaching post menopause will usually experience some residual symptoms, which can still affect them both physiologically and psychologically.

Let’s not forget that “natural menopause” is a completely natural transition, unless you had to go into what’s referred to as “surgical menopause”, meaning the surgical removal of your ovaries, uterus or both.

And just like with any natural transition involving physiological changes, symptoms are part of the process and can linger on even after post menopause has been firmly confirmed.

Those lingering symptoms—both physical and psychological— are more or less the same classic symptoms experienced during the peri-menopause, although their intensity is usually lower.

It’s difficult to tell exactly when post menopause symptoms ends, and for some women who’ve not yet found the right treatment, the discomfort may appear to be lasting forever.

Holistic solutions are available these days and an increasing number of women have swapped their conventional treatments for a simple plant-based cream.

So, now let’s have a thorough look at the 5 reasons why women going through post menopause symptoms are turning to less conventional and more holistic form of treatments such as Natural Progesterone to get rid of these nasty and uncomfortable symptoms for once and for all.

 Using Natural Progesterone For Post Menopause Symptom Relief

Chemical-Free Composition

Of all the five reasons why women should be encouraged to try and use natural progesterone cream, the most important by far remains the pharmaceutical composition of the cream itself.

Contrary to all the other chemical treatments available freely over the counter, the actual composition of the ointment is 100% organic and natural.

Natpro prides itself on producing and delivering the purest natural progesterone cream possible. The pharmaceutical composition of natural progesterone cream is made from 100% organic plant extracts and contains exactly 33, 33 mg of the progesterone hormone active ingredient per gram.

As you may have been told previously, the great advantage of using such plants and composition is that the active ingredient (in our case, the molecule of the progesterone hormone to be precise), is the exact match as the progesterone hormone fabricated by women’s reproductive system.  This means that your body won’t reject this externally fabricated progesterone hormone. Instead, the progesterone will be absorbed and distributed through the bloodstream to supplement the depleted levels and restore a full balance.

Fast Action

The second reason for choosing Natpro over any other conventional treatment or cure to permanently get rid of the painful and terribly uncomfortable post menopause symptoms is simple; it works quickly. Now, what does quickly really means? Well, it you have a headache for instance and you take a normal painkiller, you’ll expect to see it disappear within an hour or so.

With regards to post menopause symptoms, things are likely to be somewhat different because we are dealing with many different symptoms that have been around for many months if not years.

However, once you start applying the natural progesterone cream as suggested in our other articles, the very first signs of relief should appear within a few days or weeks. In fact, it usually takes 2 weeks on average for the active ingredient to take effect and regulate the hormone imbalance that produce the symptoms.  I guess we can consider this quick action when dealing with chronic symptoms.

When applied carefully and at regular times—usually twice a day– the progesterone hormone contained in the cream will first help alleviate the pain and discomfort before eventually getting rid of all the lingering post menopause symptoms.


The third reason for choosing natural progesterone cream as a safe alternative is its long-term efficiency. NatPro is not just another painkiller that will help relieve the pain for as long as you use it. Natural progesterone cream works long-term because it focuses on the root causes that produce the symptoms. Its main goal is to regulate and rebalance the hormonal system in order to prevent symptoms from developing in the first place.

Your biological system will register that changes are occurring, and when a hormonal balance has been reached, the post menopause symptoms will not only disappear but more importantly, your body will stop producing them. Symptoms are always signs that something is going wrong and when your body stops producing such signs, it’s good news.

As far as its efficiency is concerned, it’s also right to say that natural progesterone cream can have a preventive effect and it’s sometimes much better to start the treatment early on to avoid having to go through the nasty symptoms.


The affordability of the treatment is the fourth reason why NatPro should be your best choice. Indeed, if you compare the overall cost of a 6 month treatment with any other non-holistic cure, you’ll realize how affordable our brand is.

There are two reasons for this; first of all, natural progesterone cream is not expensive generally and, secondly, you won’t have to spend extra money on any other painkillers and medicine once you decide to choose NatPro to end your post menopause misery.

We all know how expensive conventional treatments can be—especially HRT for instance– and since most of them work short-term only, it doesn’t really make sense.

Natural progesterone cream is available online at We ship worldwide too and the postage cost is reasonable.

Ease of Use

The fifth and final reason why you shouldn’t hesitate to use natural progesterone cream is because it’s very easy to use. NatPro comes with a leaflet that explains how to use it and for how long. As you may have heard or read before, natural progesterone cream works best when it is applied to soft areas of the skin. The cream gets absorbed immediately and none of its active ingredients get lost because it is a trans-dermal solution.

We recommend that you use NatPro for a period of 6 months first to ensure long-lasting relief from your post menopause symptoms. Even though you may feel that the symptoms have subsided after 2 or 3 weeks, we encourage you to keep on using it to make sure that the hormonal balance is fully restored. You really want to avoid relapses.

After the first 6 months, you can adapt accordingly, and if you feel like all of your post menopause symptoms are gone, you may stop the treatment. As explained above, NatPro works fast but it will still take a bit of time for your body to adjust and get used to its new found hormonal balance.


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