Progesterone Therapy How It Works

Progesterone therapy helps to regulate many of the body’s hormones. The major regulators of most human’s bodily functions are chemicals called hormones. A hormone is released by the cell or gland in one part of a system that takes effect in the cells of other parts of the body’s organ or systems. Even a little amount of hormone can be enough to regulate a cell’s metabolism.

What Progesterone Does in the Body

One major group of hormones in human body is the steroid hormones which are further divided into subgroups namely glucocorticoids, mineralocorticoid, vitamin D, androgens, oestrogens, progestins or the progesterone. Among these hormones, progesterone is also a precursor of the other hormones in the steroid group, so to say progesterone is also responsible for the conversion of androgens and oestrogens from its raw forms. Let us then pay closer attention to this wonder hormone. Progesterone is present in both sexes, and produced by the adrenal glands and in females it is primarily secreted by the ovaries and the placenta during pregnancy. When these organs fail, the levels of progesterone is depleted and one may need a progesterone therapy.

Why Progesterone Therapy is Needed

Because of the significant functions of progesterone being a regulator of its fellow hormones and many other bodily functions, when progesterone is no longer released in the body it becomes important to begin progesterone therapy. Instances when progesterone becomes scarce or inadequate are menopause, and organ exhaustions of the producers like the adrenal glands. Diseases of the organs that secrete it may also be the cause like polycystic ovarian disease and the likes.

When a person undergoes depletion of progesterone it is advisable to go on progesterone therapy. This is to avoid hormonal imbalance of the progesterone and oestrogen other hormones affected by its loss. This prevents further troubles that may arise from the absence of these major hormones is the bodymany of which can be debilitating. The use of progesterone can be acute, long-term or lifetime depending on the situation. There are available synthetic and semisynthetic progesterone in pharmacies for different routes like pill, capsule, injectable, vaginal suppositories and topical forms.Synthetic progesterone is not recommended since it will not be identical to the progesterone produced in the body and therefore not as effective as a true natural progesterone. Because it is a steroid hormone, it can only be absorbed by fat and when administered orally, should be taken with oil for a better absorption. For these reasons creams that are delivered into the body through the skin are far more effective than pills and injections. Progesterone therapy using natural progesterone cream is very effective in reducing symptoms caused by lack of progesterone.


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