Paraben Free Natural Progesterone Cream Why It Is Best

Parabens are a preservative which can be severely irritating to people with paraben allergies. Parabens can cause skin irritation, dermatitis and allergic skin reactions.

Parabens are commonly used in shaving gels, personal lubricants, toothpaste and shampoo. Sometimes they are even used as food additives. Most people are not aware of parabens being used in such a wide variety of product. They are simply used as a preservative and have been used for many years.

Studies have been conducted on the continued application of parabens and as a result, the trend is that manufacturers of quality products are moving away from the use of parabens due to the risks involved. Natpro is a completely paraben free solution and therefore poses no risk to people who have a paraben allergy (many people are not even aware they have the allergy until it is too late and symptoms have occurred).

Paraben Free Natural Progesterone Cream

The manufacturers of Natpro have decided that it is not worth risking the use of methyl or propyl parabens even if only a small percentage of people are allergic to them. Parabens are used in products to stop creams from becoming breeding grounds for bacteria and moulds. Thankfully, Natpro has found a way to do this without parabens. This means it is natural to the human body and not foreign like other progesterone can be. When purchasing progesterone cream you should check the ingredients to ensure that it doesn’t contain parabens.

Natpro, being an all natural progesterone formula, will assist you by:

Promoting weight loss
Improving hair and skin quality
Increasing your sex drive
Give you a happier disposition and feeling
Improving mental clarity
Increasing body strength

Some people believe that prolonged use of parabens can cause cancer. This has neither been proved nor disproved in the scientific community and continued tests are being conducted to draw an accurate conclusion on this hypothesis.

The people at Natpro believe it is better to be safe than sorry and whether it is skin irritation or cancer, the use of parabens is not worth the risk. This translates into a quality product without the risk.

Natpro have researched emulsifying agents which are paraben free. The new and improved NatPro is completely natural and the new version actually FEELS better too. You can just feel that it’s natural.

Natpro is able to deliver the progesterone to your transdermally very efficiently, meaning that the cream works faster than ever.

A paraben free natural progesterone cream is a safer solution in the long run.


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