How Natural Progesterone Cream Can Help

Progesterone is one of the major body steroid hormones that regulate many bodily processes leading to a normal and healthy functioning of different organ systems. This hormone is produced primarily by the ovaries after ovulation in the corpus luteum, also by the adrenal glands, and shoots up in levels on the 8th week of pregnancy, in the placenta. The hormone is also stored in adipose tissue.

Because it is secreted primarily by the ovaries of an ovulating woman, once a woman halts ovulation, levels of progesterone in the blood depletes significantly. Conditions when any of its producer stops giving off progesterone are natural causes like menopause or diseases involving these organs. In the case of a woman who has menopause, the adrenals and other organs take over the production. In time, a woman may suffer adrenal exhaustion and fails to keep up with the demands of progesterone. Once progesterone reaches inadequate levels, other hormones with progesterone as a precursor also decreases sharply and will lead to further hormonal troubles. To prevent this from occurring, natural progesterone cream is of great help.

Like all steroid hormones, progesterone is hydrophobic, it is not absorbed by water, rather it is a fat-soluble molecule. Because of this reason, using progesterone in pill forms taken orally is poorly absorbed by the body and is not any better than a placebo affect. What should be used instead for hormonal replacement therapy is natural progesterone cream. But then it is not only the women who could need hormonal therapy for progesterone. Because this hormone is also a precursor to testosterone, an abundant hormone in males and regulates some of their bodily functions, any condition that affects their progesterone-producing organs could also lead to some imbalances. The prostate gland may be affected because its activity is controlled by primarily by progesterone and hormones that is converted from it.

Natural progesterone cream can be given to both men and women. The way to use the cream is simple and convenient.The product also comes with its own direction for usage which usually includes massaging the cream twice daily. Best sites for application are areas of the hands, belly, inner arms, neck, face, thighs, buttocks and breasts. Do this until the cream is absorbed and use alternating application sites.


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