Natural Progesterone Benefits-How Natpro Can Help

If you are unsure of the natural progesterone benefits to health then read on and decide if it could benefit your health and wellbeing.

During the years that a woman is able to bear children, the hormone progesterone is produced from within her ovaries. In her post-menopausal years, her body continues the production of progesterone in the adrenal glands and fat cells but at a vastly reduced amount which leads to oestrogen dominance and a deterioration in health.

“Natural progesterone” is a hormone produced from plants that is bio-identical to the progesterone created in a woman’s ovaries. It is made from plants, and is readily accepted by the body.

Natural progesterone works within the body exactly as progesterone manufactured in the body would, causing few if any side effects. For many years, natural progesterone has been used by women consistently and successfully in hormone replacement.

Synthetic progesterone, or progestin, is a man-made hormone that is made using chemical compounds. Also used in hormone replacement therapy (HRT), it can produce various and undesirable side effects including headache, breast tenderness and PMS.

The use of natural progesterone provides women with a means of boosting unacceptably low levels of progesterone in their bodies.

Low progesterone levels may allow the hormone oestrogen to reach a “dominate” level causing problems such as breast tenderness, water retention, irregular menstrual periods, as well as other, more serious, health issues.

When natural progesterone has been used in treatment, it doesn’t interfere with the performance of oestrogen hormones, but works in a balance as it would under natural conditions. One of the concerns of synthetic progesterone use is that it may diminish oestrogen benefits.

Some of the natural progesterone benefits include:

helps prevent fibroids in the uterus
improves sleeping
restores sexual desire
works as an antidepressant
relieves water retention
helps stabilize blood sugar
helps eliminate postpartum depression
helps fight obesity
facilitates thyroid activity
stimulates bone building
helps to restore clear thinking

The use of natural progesterone can help to re-establish hormonal balances in a woman’s body and relieve worsening premenstrual symptoms as a woman approaches menopause.

It can be used safely in hormone replacement to restore a woman’s hormonal health to natural, optimal levels both comfortably and successfully.


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