How Much Natural Progesterone To Use For Optimum Effect

How much natural progesterone to use in hormonal treatment depends on several things. These include a woman’s life stage, levels of oestrogen and progesterone in the body, whether oestrogen dominance, menopause or low progesterone are the conditions being experienced, and symptoms being manifested.

There doesn’t seem to be any adverse affect from significantly increased progesterone levels, other than a change in menstrual cycle schedule, and a feeling of euphoria sometimes reported.

If natural progesterone is applied through the skin (as in the use of cream), it is very readily absorbed into the body, and therefore requires a small dosage. As a result, it’s often suggested that it be administered twice daily, in the morning and evening.

How Much Natural Progesterone To Use

Following are some basic recommendations based on a woman’s reproductive stage or circumstance. These recommendations are only meant as general guides. How much natural progesterone to use is a question that many ask but the true answer is that everyone has different hormone levels therefore everyone will use a different amount. There is no one-size fits all approach, anyone who says there is is not correct.

Women who are reproductive (ovulating) should take 100-150mg of natural progesterone daily, beginning on day 15 of their menstrual cycle  through day 28. This is so that there is no disruption in the normal pattern of the menstrual cycle.

Peri-menopausal women (menstrual period with symptoms of menopause, not ovulating) should take 100-150mg of natural progesterone daily beginning on day 15 after the menstrual period begins, through day 28.

Women in post-menopause should administer 75-100mg of natural progesterone daily for 21 days, then rest for the remaining days of the month.

However, all of this is merely a starting point and it is far better to adopt a symptom based approach. To do this start with the recommended doses above and monitor your symptoms for 2-3 months. If symptoms persist then increase the dose gradually until they are gone and maintain at that level.

If the initial dose clears all symptoms then reduce the dose gradually until they begin to return and then increase again vary slightly until the optimum level is achieved.

It is highly recommended that a health care professional be consulted in ultimately determining How Much Natural Progesterone Should I Use. In addition, the body should be given a rest for several days each month during which natural progesterone is not administered.


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