Benefits of Natural Progesterone

If you are suffering from hormonal imbalance, you may have heard about natural progesterone cream occasionally but aren’t quite sure what the real benefits of natural progesterone are are.

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You may think that it’s just another cure supported by a massive internet marketing campaign but you should seriously consider looking into it if you suffer from the condition.


I guess you are quite familiar with what hormonal imbalance is and how it can affect your life. Symptoms have no secrets for you either but when it comes to a proper remedy, you’re still searching, right? Natural progesterone cream and its many benefits could well be the solution that will eradicate the cause as well as the symptoms of your hormone imbalance.


First of all, unlike the conventional treatments commonly used, the progesterone cream targets the root cause of the problem. It is as simple as this. This means that the synthetic progesterone hormone will be absorbed and used by your body to restore the equilibrium, and as a result eradicate the symptoms.


The difference with other commonly prescribed cures is that those treatments barely cover up the symptoms and fail to get to the root causes of the condition. Besides, some of these cures are harmful and can further disrupt your fragile biological system, so why insist?


You probably know that symptoms are signals given out by your body to inform that something is going wrong and masking them is ignoring the causes of hormonal imbalance. Natural progesterone cream does the opposite by increasing the depleted levels of progesterone to restore balance.


Another of the benefits of natural progesterone cream is the fact that  the progesterone contained in the ointment is identical to the ones produced by your ovaries and glands.


This plant-based trans-dermal cure isn’t known for producing side effects so knowing that using a safe treatment is another great benefits that natural progesterone cream offers. On the contrary, the list of side effects produced by other forms of treatment is usually endless, so that’s clearly another good reason to stay away from them.


And here is another non negligible benefit. Using the cream is very easy. The recommended dosage will depend on the severity of your symptoms and if you are peri or post menopausal. The cream must be applied on different areas of your body, preferably where the skin is softer so that the active ingredients get absorbed straight away. The fact that it is a trans-dermal treatment means that no active ingredients or molecules will be lost during the process compared to oral medication for instance.


Natural progesterone cream is not a quick fix but offers a great advantage. The relief is long-lasting and a few months of the treatment can be enough to restore your hormonal balance and eradicate the majority of symptoms.


Naturally, each and every case is different but studies have shown that a great number of former hormone imbalance sufferers have not had recurrences after the end of their treatment.


Finally, buying natural progesterone cream won’t cost you a lot. The product is very affordable compared to other prescribed medicine and often more effective.


Although progesterone is not directly involved in the development of secondary sex characteristics, it is a precursor of androstenedione which can be converted to testosterone, estrone and estradiol. Therefore, progesterone being a precursor to more hormones has an enormous role to play.

The following are benefits of progesterone for Women:

Protects against fibrocystic breasts diseases, helps utilize fat for energy, a natural diuretic, natural anti-depressant, facilitates thyroid hormone action, normalizes blood clotting, blood sugar levels, blood zinc and copper levels, restores sex drive and proper cell oxygen levels, prevents uterine cancer, signals osteoblast for bone building, restores normal vascular tone, needed for embryo survival, modulates other hormones helping to restore balance, and promotes sleep.

Benefits of Progesterone in Menopause

The major producer of progesterone in women is the ovaries and the placenta when a woman is pregnant, but it stops when a woman begins menopause. This is the time when women would need progesterone HRT benefits or supplementation with natural progesterone to continue supplying the body with progesterone and keep a healthy function despite age . Certainly the long list of benefits of natural progesterone in the body defines its importance and also suggests of what can possibly happen if it depletes and halts in production in time.

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