Balance Your Hormones With Natural Progesterone

Natural progesterone can assist you by balancing your hormones and therefore reducing highly uncomfortable and life altering hormonal induced symptoms and complications.

Progesterone can also help you with issues that you may not even know you had! For example, did you know that natural progesterone can improve the quality of your hair? Or your skin?

This is entirely possible and in fact, very likely through the use of a progesterone cream like NatPro.

Progesterone supplementation will balance your body, leaving you feeling healthier and stronger than ever.

Progesterone creams like NatPro contain a hormone which is the same as the one found in the human body. When a woman goes though menopause, her hormone levels drop. This brings about the symptoms of menopause like moodiness, skin irritation and generally not feeling yourself.

It is important that you stick to the recommended dosage of progesterone to ensure that you receive the greatest benefits. There is no benefit in using higher than the maximum recommended dosage; in fact the benefits may even be reduced if you do this. It can even cause your body to become oestrogen dominant again, which is the opposite of what you want to achieve when balancing your hormones.

Progesterone cream replaces hormones through the skin (transdermally) and this ensures that it enters straight into your blood stream.

What else can natural progesterone cream do?

It will assist in balancing your hormones which in effect can help with the following hormone related symptoms:

Migraines and headaches
Low libido
Mood swings
Fluid retention
Hot flushes
Sore joints
Vaginal dryness and itching
Bladder problems
Sore breasts

All of the above are symptoms of menopause, PMS (pre menstrual syndrome) or both. These problems generally occur due to oestrogen dominance in the body. The goal of natural progesterone is to introduce more progesterone back into the system to create the balance that is needed to restore “regular” body patterns, as it is before menopause begins.

It is not only menopausal women who need progesterone. Other situations may require it as well.

Women are on oestrogen replacement therapy may have a drop in progesterone which can be “topped up” with natural progesterone cream.
Women on birth control pills which have too much oestrogen in them can also be at risk of oestrogen dominance and lack of progesterone.

Women who have undergone a hysterectomy are also candidates for natural progesterone treatment as well as post menopausal women, particularly those who suffer from insulin resistance or who are overweight.

It is even thought that people who are over exposed to a substance found in the air called xenoestrogens may be oestrogen dominant.

Most women use progesterone for around three months before feeling normal again and this is a good point of reference to go by once you start using a progesterone cream like NatPro.


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