Natural Progesterone is a Safe, Natural HRT

What is HRT

HRT or Hormone Replacement Therapy is a somewhat controversial treatment option for Natural HRTmenopausal women. Many experts believe that HRT is actually unsafe. It is a synthetic treatment, in other words it is not natural HRT. Whilst some women see positive effects to synthetic HRT treatment, others find the long term risks or side effects are not worth it and these women often seek a natural HRT treatment such as natural progesterone.

Drawbacks of Synthetic Hormone Therapy

When HRT is used for long periods of time, as it often is, it is thought to be unsafe to the body. HRT usually involves taking a combined hormonal supplement of both oestrogen and progestin. The reason that some experts fear that HRT is unsafe is due to two studies by the Women’s Health Initiative which showed that women who took hormone therapy consisting of oestrogen and progestin were at a greater risk of stroke and breast cancer as well as other diseases.

Researchers and doctors were so concerned about the consequences of studying women taking the oestrogen-progestin combination that they actually cut short a trial because they found that too many women were suffering health consequences of the treatment.

Besides cancer, some of the other serious effects which synthetic HRT can lead to an increased change of getting include:

Blood sugar disturbances which can lead to diabetes

Blood clots

Gall bladder disease

Liver disease

Heart attacks

High blood pressure and hardening of the arteries

Stroke and thrombosis

On the other hand, natural progesterone does not come with the risks of the scientific form of Hormone Replacement Therapy.


Natural Progesterone Natural HRT

Trials in 1995 showed that natural progesterone is more effective then synthetic progestin when it comes to hearth health. It was also demonstrated that natural progesterone protects against uterine cancer just as well as synthetic progestin does. Unfortunately the drug manufacturers fail to see or acknowledge the benefits of natural progesterone, therefore many women are led into taking HRT with little regard or knowledge of the consequences.

A study at the College of Nursing and Health Sciences at The University of Texas it was shown that the studied women who were using progesterone cream everyday found relief in their symptoms of menopause. They also did not have the side effects which are so commonly associated with progestins.

Natural progesterone cream can replace HRT when oestrogen dominance is a problem. It is a good idea to use natural progesterone cream like NatPro for up to 7 months and if symptoms such as flushes and vaginal irritation persist then an estriol treatment can be used as well. If you do not still have ovaries then your body can still make oestrogen from your body fat which means that you may be able to stop your oestrogen replacement therapy after around six months.

Natural progesterone is certainly a natural HRT.  You are highly advised to see your doctor before committing to any sort of hormonal treatment as the case will differ for each woman. If you do decide to undertake natural progesterone supplementation as a natural HRT treatment then do consider NatPro which is an extremely high quality, all natural progesterone cream.

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