Natural Hormone Replacement for Women

Aging is one event that everyone wants to avoid, as a proof people invest greatly in cosmetics and health products that promise rejuvenation of a youthful glow. But we can only defy aging up until a period of time, because eventually, it will come. The reason as to why everyone seems to fear aging is not only for the change of look, but for the decline of body functions and strength to perform activities of daily living. This is why science has offered natural hormone replacement for women.
When talking about aging it is probably the female gender that feels more dread, because she suffers more symptoms and complications than men. This is because when she reaches menopausal stage, along with the halt of ovulation is the depletion of hormones that results to classical symptoms like hot flushes, broken sleep patterns or insomnia, and changes in sexual response. Other conditions which may be a complication occurring postmenopausal are back pain, joint pain, muscle pain, depression, possible but risk of atherosclerosis, osteopenia and the risk of osteoporosis gradually developing over time. Truly this point of a woman’s life is never easy and the use of natural hormone replacement for women can bring great relief although it still does not defy aging.
Natural hormone replacement for women uses progesterone hormones. For a woman with intact uterus, oestrogen plus progestin is often ordered and women who underwent hysterectomy or removal of the uterus is prescribed with oestrogen alone. The therapy once uses only hormones in tablet forms until recently other forms of have been out the pharmacies for different routes of administration such as injectable, transdermal and topical. Because most of these hormones to be replaced are steroid that are water insoluble and fat soluble, oral administered hormone may be poorly absorbed unless taken with oil. This made the hormones in cream more acceptable because it’s easy and effective to use.