How Natural Progesterone Can Relieve the Symptoms of Menopause

How Natural Progesterone Can Relieve the Symptoms of MenopauseIf you are considering using progesterone to relieve the symptoms of menopause then it is very worthwhile to consider natural progesterone products over the chemical based or altered progesterone products.

Progesterone in women is produced by the ovaries so when a women begins to go through menopause in mid life, it is only natural that her levels of progesterone will decrease due to the so called “shutting down” of the ovaries and reproductive system.

It is believed that progesterone can have a regulatory effect on the body therefore the belief that progesterone should be topped up in the body is becoming more and more widespread. This applies to both males and females, although this article will focus on progesterone for women going through menopause.

Menopause is when menstruation no longer occurs in a woman. Progesterone production drops to significantly low levels and the end of menstruation marks the end of a woman’s ability to reproduce.

Unfortunately menopause also brings with it some side effects due to the drop in the sex hormones oestrogen and progesterone. Most women hit menopause at around 50 to 55 years of age although it can occur earlier.

Symptoms of Menopause can include:

Hot flushes
Vaginal irritation
Dry skin
Bladder issues

How Natural Progesterone Works to Relieve the Symptoms of Menopause

Natural progesterone cream like NatPro provides an all natural supplement for women. The aim of  natural progesterone is to eliminate and relieve symptoms of menopause such as hot flushes and vaginal irritation amongst others listed above. Whilst progesterone supplementation will not being a women back into a reproductive cycle (this is impossible), natural progesterone aims to make life easier by minimizing the irritating and often debilitating symptoms of menopause.

NatPro is the leading natural progesterone cream. It does not contain any toxic substances. There are no growth hormones and no unnatural ingredients. This means there is no risk and no side effects.

Natpro only contains only vegetable substances, no animal substances. It is important to know that many drug companies use animals in cruel testing procedures in laboratories. On the other hand, NatPro has never and will never cause suffering to any animal in the manufacture or use of NatPro organic natural progesterone cream.

If a woman becomes oestrogen dominant (where there is excessive oestrogen but little or no progesterone to balance it out), a variety of health problems can occur such as endometriosis, uterine fibroids, weight gain, increased blood clotting, thyroid dysfunction and cancer. This is because there is too much oestrogen and not enough progesterone.

For this reason it is vital to balance the oestrogen out with an optimal level of natural progesterone to relieve the symptoms of menopause. This can be achieved through the use of NatPro, a highly effective and widely recommended organic natural progesterone cream

Researchers are constantly linking many forms of cancer to oestrogen dominance, so it is obvious that this needs to be balanced out with progesterone.

Natural progesterone cream is the easiest and least invasive method of bring your progesterone levels up to relieve the symptoms of menopause.


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