Natural Progesterone Instead of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Many women are wondering if there really is a viable, effective natural alternative to HRT or Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Hormone Replacement Therapy is a synthetic form of therapy (unnatural) which whilst may be somewhat effective in treating symptoms of menopause, unfortunately produces a number of potentially very serious short and long term side effects.

These HRT side effects and illnesses can include:

Increased chance of getting high blood pressure and a hardening of the arteries.
More risk of blood clots
Heightened chance of a heart attack
Increased risk of stroke
Negative effect on the metabolism of blood-sugar.
Greater risk of liver and gall bladder disease
Increased incidence of various cancers including liver, lung, cervix, ovarian and breast cancers.

Obviously, many women feel it is not worth the underlying risk to undergo Hormone Replacement Therapy. Studies have also proven that women are indeed at increased risk of the above diseases when they are on HRT

Progesterone needs to be supplemented when oestrogen dominance occurs. Progesterone has a major effect on the body and when progesterone levels drop, the body does react quite strongly.

Oestrogen dominance occurs when a woman’s body has too much oestrogen and very little or even no progesterone to even it out.

Problems that occur when there is very little progesterone in the body compared to oestrogen include symptoms of PMS, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, weight gain, thyroid dysfunction and in some cases, cancer. This can actually occur in both men and women.

A Natural Alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy

Women who use natural progesterone as a natural form of HRT to correct the hormonal imbalance report a remarkable turnaround in their health.

A natural progesterone cream such as NatPro is very simple to use (it is applied topically to the skin) and is totally safe and without the risks of synthetic hormones.

Most people do not realize the health problems which can occur when progesterone levels have dropped significantly. It is a fact that using progesterone supplementation can improve period regulation and can even trigger ovulation.

Natural progesterone should not be used if you are on the contraceptive pill. In fact, it would be a waste of time as they would be competing with each other.

Other side effects of HRT which do not occur with the use of natural progesterone include:
Weight gain
Loss of libido
Emotional Disorders
Psychological disorders

Natural progesterone has even been known to increase the moods of women, leading it to be called the “happy hormone”

If you have been on HRT for a while then going “cold turkey” will usually trigger quite distressing side effects. This is because the body is used to high levels of oestrogen so when a change occurs, many symptoms do as well.

For this reason it is then recommended that you gradually reduce your use of HRT, as advised by a doctor. It is then that you can begin to introduce progesterone back into the body.

NatPro is a 100% natural progesterone cream which is a proven effective treatment for menopause, PMS and other hormonal complications.


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