Eradicate Menopause Symptoms with NatPro

Eradicate Menopausal Symptoms

Experiencing menopause symptoms, just like adolescence, is an obligatory life stage. Mood swings, physical changes, night sweats, and the infamous “hot flushes” create significant anxiety in women entering into menopause.

In fact, most women enter peri-menopause at ages of 45 plus. Some menopausal women experience premature menopause at a younger age.

The transition can be long and menopause symptoms particularly difficult to bear. Menopause itself is usually at an average age of 55.

In menopause the level of progesterone in the body decreases as the ovaries stop producing eggs. Irregular periods and a condition of oestrogen dominance occurs. This leaves the body in a state of significant hormonal imbalance.

Menopause Symptoms

The symptoms of menopause are both physical and psychological. Whilst some women experience very little of both, a great majority of them will experience symptoms associated with this natural transitional phase.

Let’s focus on the menopause symptoms, its impact on a woman’s life and whether natural progesterone cream can really stop them.

The hormonal shake up that’s occurring is disrupting a lot of bodily functions. It can put some real strain on a woman’s body and mind.

The symptoms include:

Hot Flashes

Vaginal Dryness

Night Sweats

Irritability and mood swings

Hair loss

The following symptoms, should never be ignored.

chronic fatigue
irregular heartbeat
severe sleep disturbance and insomnia
emotional instability
Severe mood swings.

Always remember symptoms varies and are an individual thing.

How Can Symptoms Be Treated?

There are plenty of different treatments or cures to help alleviate the discomfort of menopause. Unfortunately, not all of them keep up their promises to eradicate the most uncomfortable symptoms.

Women tend to turn to conventional forms of treatments as soon as they enter menopause but with mixed results.

It would be wrong and unfair to dismiss these treatments as useless. At the same time, they don’t offer conclusive results as far as long-term menopause symptoms relief are concerned.

Furthermore, it appears that long-term use of HRT can increase women’s risk. Increased chances of developing high blood pressure, heart disease, heart attacks, blood clots and gall bladder disease.

Hormone Replacement Therapy like any other chemical-based treatments may produce side effects. It’s wise to bear in mind that taking chemical-based medicine for a prolonged period of time may not be without increase in risk.

Natural remedies for menopause have always been around. Even in 2019, some turn to those home-made remedies and tips to try and alleviate their menopause symptoms. Who can blame them?

Regular exercise, stopping smoking, herbs such as black cohosh, sage, evening primrose oil, wild yams, ginseng, flax seeds as well as homeopathy are regularly used.

There is nothing wrong with using natural remedies and listening to tips to try to relieve some of the pain. However, the majority of them work short term only.

A good combination of herbs, food and regular exercise may act upon most of the symptoms, but the results aren’t conclusive. It takes discipline and some really good knowledge to manage and control menopause symptoms.

Working on the Root Causes

Although the body usually continues the production of oestrogen at lower levels, its production of progesterone drops significantly.

This is the root cause of the unpleasant symptoms experienced

The logical thing to do is to regulate and re-balance the levels of hormones within the body of a woman going through the menopause.

Supplementing the depleted levels of the progesterone hormone to fight oestrogen dominance is the best way. Natural progesterone cream is by far the most effective remedy on the market these days. It’s chemical-free, affordable, produces no side-effects and is available online.

Using natural progesterone cream to top up your levels of progesterone is going to make a great difference within weeks.

The menopause symptoms usually start to disappear after a few weeks. In most cases, hot flushes, chronic fatigue and irritability are the first to go.

NatPro is a leading brand that offers exactly what your body needs to go through this uncomfortable phase without adding more chemicals into your system. Our natural progesterone cream is 100% organic, natural and bio-identical.

Whilst some are made up of ineffective wild yams, the progesterone component of Natpro is made up of plant extracts. The molecule extracted from these plants is 100% identical to the progesterone hormone made by your own body. It will be absorbed by your body without side effects.

Natpro natural progesterone cream contains the equivalent of 3.3% of pure natural progesterone hormone. It’s just the right dose to start re-balancing the hormone levels and make the menopause symptoms disappear for good.

Using natural progesterone cream is simple. You just apply it onto your skin.

Since it’s a trans-dermal solution, the active ingredient will lose none of its efficiency. The progesterone hormone will start supplementing the depleted levels directly.

Menopause is difficult to treat on its own. It is a constellation of different symptoms produced by the menopause and must be tackled as whole.

Natural progesterone cream offers a reliable, safe solution to make this natural bodily transition as smooth as possible.


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