hormone therapy for healthy older women-US panel advises against

I saw this interesting article today, it is worth reading and has some interesting diet information to consider regarding the safety of hormone therapy.


Menopause Choices: HRT vs Natural Approach

“Start with a natural menopause management program and add HRT if needed. Try herbal supplements (Wild Yam or Black Cohosh); using progesterone and oooooestrogen creams or gels; eating a diet rich in soybean products—miso soup (one cup daily) or tempeh (4 …Newsolio”


I totally agree with all of the background information regarding pre menopause and peri-menopause but have to disagree with the comments regarding HRT which I do not consider to be a viable option for women given the uncertainty about possible future effects. Personally I believe that using a good natural progesterone cream can eradicate all symptoms, protect against cancers and osteoporosis and is totally without risk unlike HRT.


So is it safe or isn’t it? Please make your minds up about HRT as millions of women want to hear the truth not propaganda from Drug Companies who have a financial interest in selling their products.


US panel advises against hormone therapy for healthy older women

“While hormones like progesterone and oooooestrogen may slightly decrease the likelihood of invasive breast cancer and hip fractures, the drugs were also shown to slightly increase a woman’s likelihood of dementia and stroke. The US Preventative Service Task …CBS News”


So, HRT is not recommended for post menopause anymore but still OK before then? Sorry but I have not nor will ever take these drugs. There is still far too much conflicting information regarding hormone therapy for it to be considered as a viable treatment option with low risk