Hormone Imbalance Symptoms and How You Can Overcome It

Maybe you have been wondering how to treat hormone imbalance symptoms for good and despite the many so-called great treatments you have been advised to take, you are still experiencing the symptoms of this unpleasant condition.

The key to understanding hormone imbalance is to know the facts, so let’s do a quick recap.

Ok, what is a hormone imbalance exactly?

First off all, a hormone is a chemical “messenger” that is produced by our many glands. In women, 70% of the hormones are produced by the ovaries. A hormonal imbalance is simply an excessive production of a particular hormone- and subsequently lack of another one. In women as they age, production of progesterone by the ovaries starts to fall. The closer a woman gets to menopause the more dominant the hormone oestrogen becomes. This is usually the type of hormone imbalance in women. Other factors which range  from the sedentary life, bad eating habits, stress, smoking to other indirect causes such as pollution for instance. The xenoestrogens that surround us in life today also play a big part.

Now, what are the main hormone imbalance symptoms ?


Clearly, the list of hormone imbalance symptoms is endless but in the majority of cases, the main symptoms are usually chronic fatigue, bloating, anxiety, low sexual drive, insomnia, unexpected weight gain, mood swings, PMS as well as sore joints, to name but a few. Some unlucky people can suffer from several symptoms at the same times, whilst others will only experience one in particular. The severity of the symptoms can vary greatly between individuals and tends to increase as menopause approaches.

What are the possible risks if the condition is left untreated?

Any condition that isn’t treated can lead to serious health issues. Untreated Hormonal imbalance can lead to osteoporosis for instance. The reason is simple. A lack of progesterone—main cause of the imbalance- is going to prevent your bones from forming correctly, which can lead to brittle bones and osteoporosis.

Also, a poor regulation of the hormonal system can lead to female infertility. Males are also concerned but to a lesser extent. It has also been suggested that there may be an increased risk of cancer but more studies are currently being carried out to confirm this.

So, objectively, what’s the best solution to finally overcome hormone imbalance symptoms?

Your goal is to look for a long-lasting treatment, and not a quick fix. Far too many sufferers go for treatments that will provide them with some relief but won’t treat the root causes of the issue. Since you need to re-balance your hormonal system and give your body some progesterone, the best option remains  natural progesterone cream.

The molecules used in the cream match the ones your own body produces. The results have proven conclusive and more importantly, side effects are rare, if not non-existent. Natural progesterone cream will, in a matter of weeks re-balance your hormonal system and eliminate the symptoms. The relief is felt rapidly by most users and progesterone cream is undeniably the safest and reliable treatment that will help you overcome hormone imbalance for good.