How to Eliminate Hormonal Imbalance

 These days, far too many people- especially post-menopausal women- suffer in silence from hormonal imbalance and the endless list of symptoms associated with the condition. The question here is very simple: why suffer when you can eliminate hormonal imbalance from your life in one single step?

First, let’s do a very short recap on why hormonal imbalance really occurs. Hormonal imbalance is predominantly due to an increase in the levels of oestrogen and a sharp decrease in the production and release of progesterone. As a result, your hormonal system becomes disrupted or to be more precise, “imbalanced”.

Since your biological system is fragile, it won’t be able to function properly if your regular hormone production is not working as it should. As you may already know, in most cases, symptoms are simply signs and alerts given by your body to “inform” you that something is going wrong and needs attention.

However, 70% of sufferers tend to believe that it’s a normal phase to go through, and that the symptoms will clear on their own. This is partly true, especially in the case of hormonal imbalance. Oestrogens and progesterone levels fluctuate quite a lot for different reasons, and most of the time there is no need to worry. Your body will adjust and the symptoms will clear.

However, what is abnormal is when the symptoms won’t clear and worsen. In turn, what started as a few symptoms become a very unpleasant chronic condition and should be monitored and looked into seriously. If you notice no improvement after 2 or 3 weeks, it becomes imperative to start thinking about a treatment to eliminate hormonal imbalance as quickly as possible.

Now, the key is not to mask the symptoms but treat the root cause of the problem. Far too many people– and this is understandable– will be looking for some quick fix to get instant relief. However, targeting hormonal imbalance is simple: all you need to do is re-balance your hormone levels.

So, how do you go about doing this in one unique step?

Well, despite what most people think or have been told, restoring your hormone balance is not an impossible task, far from it. Your main focus should be to provide your body with more of the lacking hormone, which in most cases is progesterone.

No diet or so-called “magical pills” can do this for you. Whilst dietary changes are always welcome and can participate in the restoring process, it won’t be enough. Your best bet remains progesterone cream for several reasons.

Progesterone cream has been tried and tested and the results have been conclusive. More than 70 % of people suffering from hormonal imbalance have reported significant long-lasting relief within weeks and this is not surprising.

Progesterone cream is 100% and has the same molecular structure as the progesterone produced by the body. Once applied, the cream is absorbed through the skin. Within weeks or sometimes days; it will restore the balance between the two main hormones: oestrogens and progesterone.

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