Get Rid of Menopausal Symptoms Quickly

Menopause Relief Considered- Can a Simple Solution Such As a Cream Get Rid of Menopausal Symptoms Quickly?


Menopause is a normal biological transition

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Going through menopause is one of those painful and testing transitions most women dread. Simply put, menopause is the definitive end of a woman’s reproductive phase and there is nothing abnormal.


Whilst some tend to compare it to an illness, menopause is part of a woman’s biological life cycle that generally takes place in her early 50s. The average age of natural menopause worldwide is 51 but some may experience it earlier or sometimes a bit later in life.


Going through a biological transition is never easy. We all remember what we felt like going through our teenage years and it can be daunting both physically and psychologically. Well, menopause is no different and since it’s not an illness, there is no cure for it. Instead, there are ways to reduce the effects of the multitude of symptoms brought on by the menopause, some of which can be very harsh.


Common Menopause Symptoms


The list of menopausal symptoms is sadly quite impressive but generally speaking, a woman going through the phase will experience at least the followings; hot flashes, irregular menstruations until their complete disappearance, mood swings, thinning hair as well as fullness both in the abdomen and the breasts.


Menopause also affects women’s libido but the most important sign remains the decrease and subsequent end of fertility. These symptoms and most particularly the idea of not being able to conceive can have some serious psychological impacts on some women. The end of a cycle in life is always hard and some may develop symptoms of depression and even grief to some extent.

Conventional relief for menopausal symptoms considered…


There are quite a few treatments available on prescription to try and alleviate the many symptoms of menopause and amongst the most popular ones, we find; hormone therapy, antidepressants, vaginal estrogen and many more chemical-based medicines but the question is: do they do the job?


The answer is yes and no. Yes, some of the treatments will reduce the effects of the symptoms but unfortunately, the side effects often outweigh the benefits of the treatment. This is the case with antidepressants for instance and their wide range of nasty side effects. Drugs such as Clonidine and Gabapentine are also used to alleviate hot flashes.


Vaginal dryness, which is also very common when going through menopause, is often treated with vaginal estrogen. The other problem with conventional medicine is that there are multiple different treatments for each particular symptom whilst the ideal thing would be a complete all-in-one treatment.  Treating each symptom separately is an inconvenience and this is one of the reasons why most women give up after some time and end up going through this difficult biological transition without any help.


Does this all-in-one treatment exist then?


First of all, let’s remind us of something important here. Menopause can be highly disrupting and going through a transition like this means that you’ll have to change your lifestyle little by little to make sure you embrace this new phase of your life as best as possible. Don’t ignore the signs and symptoms like so many women tend to do as they can be reduced and treated effectively and naturally.


Indeed, the all-in-on treatment does exist and is called natural progesterone cream. You may have heard of it especially in the treatment of ovarian cysts, fibroids and other reproductive health problems.


Natural progesterone cream guarantees safe and quick relief of all the major symptoms associated with menopause. Because the cream is 100% plant based- most of them are made of yams- it won’t load up your body unnecessarily with further toxins and chemicals. It makes the transition gentle and free of side effects but for now, let’s have a look at the way natural progesterone cream works to alleviate the symptoms.


How does NatPro really work to alleviate menopausal symptoms?


The principle behind natural progesterone cream is very simple and the growing number of women using NatPro to ease the unpleasant effects that menopause has on them is a great testimony to its efficiency and overall success.


Menopause doesn’t happen on your 50’s birthday but the whole process starts some years before it hits its peak. This is what we call peri-menopause. During this phase, the endocrine system becomes disrupted and hormonal imbalance occurs, generating the first signs and symptoms.


A change in the levels of hormones- in the case of the menopause, we usually note a surge in the levels of estrogen and a significant drop in the production of the progesterone hormone- can be remedied by supplementing the levels of the depleted hormone in question.


Natural progesterone cream will replenish the low levels of progesterone in order to ensure that during the difficult transitional phase of the menopause; the endocrine system remains as balanced as possible. A balanced hormonal system means no or little symptoms such as the ones experienced during the menopause and in most cases, women using NatPro have noticed a quick improvement within days.


Hot flashes, abdominal fullness as well as mood swings are usually the first symptoms to go. Natural progesterone cream can have some effects on the menstruations as well but since the menopause is a normal biological phase occurring with age, controlling them is more difficult and in most cases not advisable. As long as the general discomfort and the possible pain can be reduced with the help of the cream, the change in the frequency of the menstruation must be left as it is.



How to use NatPro?


Using natural progesterone cream is very easy and will take you no longer than a few minutes a day. Apply NatPro on soft areas of your skin and don’t hesitate to alternate. Natural progesterone cream is commonly applied to the face, neck, breasts, inner wrists and ankles. The cream is instantly absorbed through the skin and evenly distributed and since the active ingredients isn’t passing through the stomach and liver, its efficiency will remain optimal.



As a conclusion, I think it’s fair to say that a simple all-in-one solution such like NatPro can eradicate most of the menopausal symptoms safely and effectively. Again, the growing number of women currently using natural progesterone cream is showing its efficiency. Relief is quick in most cases and the longer you use it, the better the results are.


Now, are you ready to give it a try? As explained above, menopause like puberty is a necessary transition but most of the symptoms can be reduced and eradicated safely. Feeling as good as possible during a biological transition is important, especially when the remedy on offer is simple, effective and very affordable.

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