Can Progesterone Cream Help in Preventing Early Miscarriages

The number of early miscarriages in 2017 experienced by women of all ages is still awfully high.

The feelings of guilt and distress are difficult to overcome. Also, and unfortunately, in some cases, multiple miscarriages aren’t uncommon at all.

Conventional treatments haven’t proven effective so far, but fortunately a new more holistic approach to preventing miscarriages has been used with success over the last few years.

The causes of early miscarriages are multiple.

Older women are usually more at risk because of age factors for instance, but in the case of younger healthy females, the reason for an early miscarriage is always more difficult to pinpoint.

This said, recent studies have shown that hormonal imbalance in general, remains one of the main causes of miscarriages when no other pathology can be directly linked to the problem.

Hormonal imbalance and more particularly, cases of hormonal imbalance affecting fertility, a lack of progesterone is what usually disrupts the proper functioning of a woman’s reproductive system.

If a woman’s body doesn’t produce enough progesterone, it becomes impossible for the fertilized egg to implant inside the womb and survive.

The conventional treatments offered aren’t proving effective in reducing the rates of miscarriages and clearly, not much is currently being done to protect women from having to go through such traumatic events.

This is why more and more women are choosing to avoid such ordeals by turning to more natural forms of treatments that include natural progesterone cream.

Natural progesterone cream has so far been the most successful method in preventing early miscarriages and the reasons are fairly easy to understand.  

The one and only purpose of the natural progesterone cream is to supplement the level of the progesterone hormone in order to restore the balance within your hormonal system.

The main component of the cream, which is the progesterone hormone, is made up of the same molecules produced by a female’s reproductive system (ovaries and glands), meaning that there will be no side effects, interaction or allergies whatsoever.

Restoring hormonal balance will allow the endometrium to become fortified and therefore ready to welcome the fertilized egg, which is so important for a healthy pregnancy.

Whilst the solution may appear simplistic at first, you have to remember that simple imbalances within someone’s biological system can lead to serious health issues and most of us very often rely on chemical-based medicine only, when alternative remedies work brilliantly and are readily available for a small cost.

What’s even better with natural progesterone cream is that the effects and benefits are felt quickly and are long-lasting. Whilst the daily dosage may vary slightly, the amount of cream you’ll need to apply is relatively small and easy to use.

Finally, here is a tip that will help greatly. If you are looking to prevent early miscarriages, it’s best to start using the progesterone cream as soon as ovulation has started. This is the best way to optimize the use of the cream and supplement your progesterone level in order to prevent the loss of the embryo.