Bioidentical Hormones-What They Are and What They Do

Bioidentical hormones is a rather general term that can mean interconnected concepts of the use of bioidentical or natural hormones in a therapy. It could also mean the compounding and manufacturing of drugs, or testing hormonal levels in blood and other body fluids, or the activities that aim to correct levels of hormone in the body including the side effects of a certain hormone being administered. To sum it up, BHRT is the entire process of diagnosing the hormonal imbalance, prescribing of the right hormone to address deficit, administering the hormone correctly and the supervision of the side and adverse effects of the therapy.

Bioidentical hormones are often used but not limited for female clients who are already in the menopause stage. The purpose is to prevent hormonal imbalance as a result of the depletion or total lost of hormones from inadequacy or complete halt of the functions of the ovaries. Hormones affected by menopause are oestrogens and progesterone. Because progesterone is also a precursor of oestrogen, progesterone is often replaced in the therapy to prevent a cascade of hormonal imbalance that could mean the rise of many other conditions.

Many conditions are being addressed by bioidentical hormones replacement therapy while bringing comforts in the following way: maintenance of the secretory endometrium, protection against fibrocystic breasts, facilitates utilization of fat for energy, acting as natural diuretic, mood enhancer, promotes thyroid hormone action, normalize blood clotting, blood sugar levels, and zinc and copper levels. Other effects are preventing breast cancer by regulating and counteracting the effects of oestrogen, prevention of osteoporosis by simulating osteoblastic activities for bone building, modulation of other hormones to recreate balance, restores sex drive, and promotion of sleep. Hormone therapy with progesterone is also found out to have protective effect on the brain tissue thus, preventing neuro damage when administer shortly after a traumatic brain injury.

The most common bioidentical hormone is progesterone. Natural progesterone is used by women worldwide to relieve menopause symptoms and improve their health. When choosing a natural progesterone cream it is important to check that the Bioidentical hormones are USP grade micronized natural progesterone. This is the sign of a quality product made from pharmaceutical grade progesterone.

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