Natpro Bio-Identical Organic Natural Progesterone Cream Can Help With

  • PMS
  • Menopause, PeriMenopause and Menopausal Symptoms
  • Fertility and Pregnancy
  • Osteoporosis
  • PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)
  • Oestrogen dominance
  • Migraine
  • Fibroids
  • Endometriosis
  • Breast Cancer
  • Painful cramps
  • Hot flushes (Hot Flashes)
  • Achy and sore breasts
  • Lower back and abdomen pain
  • Mood Swings
  • Bloating
  • Depression

Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance

What you’re experiencing are symptoms which are caused by fluctuations in your hormones and low progesterone levels causing a progesterone and oestrogen hormone imbalance– something completely out of your control. Supplementing your progesterone level can eliminate these symptoms by balancing your hormones and restoring your quality of life.
The hormones that we have serve a very important purpose, but unfortunately, in some women and also men, they get extremely imbalanced, causing a wide-range of symptoms, just as you’re experiencing right now.The good news is that there is hope for you to restore hormone balance and normality to your life, even if you have suffered from these symptoms for years.

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Dr Hotze talks about the role of progesterone in the body and discusses the many advantages of using progesterone cream

If you are at all uncertain of what natural progesterone can do please spend 5 minutes of your time watching this. It is well worth it.

What is Progesterone?

Progesterone is a hormone that has been around for about 500 million years. That makes it the oldest hormone around.

It’s essential to all vertebrates: fishes, reptiles, birds and mammals – including humans. It has countless functions in both sexes and all ages.

This vital hormone plays a major role in the body. It is not exclusively a female hormone . It plays no part in the secondary sexual characteristics which develop at puberty. It is the precursor to the hormones oestrogen and testosterone.

It is secreted primarily by the ovaries in females and the testes in men. Smaller amounts are produced by the adrenal glands, the brain and glial cells in both sexes.

There are no great quantitative differences between men and women (at least outside the luteal phase).

William Allen and George Corner first isolated ‘Progestational Steroidal Ketone’ (these are the words that fully describe the hormone and which are the source of its commonly used name) in 1934 and proposed the name because of its “progestational” activity in the pregnant female. This was an unfortunate choice of name as it has now come to be regarded as a ‘female’ hormone, and it’s many other roles having been largely forgotten.

It was not until 1943 that Russell Marker made progesterone from the plant steroid diosgenin. Originally he used the Mexican wild yam (dioscorea villosa) as a source plant. However, diosgenin has now been found in many other plants, including the spice fenugreek and the soya bean.

Once it was established that it could be produced like this biochemists began converting it into other hormones. These include cortisone, testosterone, estrogen and of course the unnatural ‘progestins’ or ‘progestogens’ that masquerade as the real, natural hormone.

There is much confusion in the minds of both the public and the professions between progesterone on the one hand, and the progestins or progestogens and “yam extracts” on the other.

Let me clear the confusion for you.

Progesterone is made in your body from cholesterol. Here are the essentials of the process…

  • first, your body turns the cholesterol into pregnenolone
  • pregnenolone is then converted to progesterone
  • your body then makes a cascade of other hormones that it needs from the progesterone (these include the estrogens and testosterone amongst others)

The “natural” hormone your body makes has a unique molecular structure. Here’s what it looks like…


The synthetic progestins and progestogens on the other hand have an altered molecular structure. Here’s what they look like…







Spot the difference? They may look similar to the real thing… just as ivy and spinach are both green and leafy (ivy quiche anyone?).

Need more proof? Take a look at these…

hormone molecules



Not much difference to look at either, but…

  • estradiol tells your body its female
  • testosterone tells your body its male

There aren’t many clearer differences than that!

The lesson here is obvious enough… if such small differences in molecular structures have such big real effects then… beware of man made alterations.

The fact is progestins behave in the body in radically different ways to progesterone itself. The only similarity between progestins and the natural hormone is their ability to maintain the endometrium (the lining of the uterus).

This also means they can be patented and sold for exhorbitant prices.

The natural hormone has no toxic side effects. However, the progestins and progestogens are potentially highly toxic because of their altered molecular structure.

And now for “yam extracts” and “yam creams“… simply put…“these do not contain progesterone”

They do contain the plant steroid diosgenin, but the body cannot convert diosgenin into the hormone itself. The yam creams can have a beneficial ‘adaptogenic’ effect on the body but, unlike the hormone itself, they cannot correct hormonal imbalances such as excessive levels of estrogen.

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Of course progesterone has many other roles within the body such as normalizing blood sugar levels, boosting thyroid function, it helps us use fat for energy instead of storing it, it also has anti-inflammatory effects and reduces swelling and inflammation.

What is Natural Progesterone Cream?

Natural progesterone is extracted from plant sources and contains progesterone molecules that are bioidentical, exactly the same as, the progesterone molecules that are produced by your own body.

What Natpro Contains

Organic Natural Progesterone Cream

Natpro is 100% Organic and contains the following

  • It has a concentration of 3.33% progesterone or 33.33 milligrams per ml of cream (bioidentical usp pharmaceutical grade natural progesterone extracted from certified 100% organic plant materials)
  • Each tube comes with a full instructional pamphlet
  • advanced liposomal formula optimises progesterone absorption
  • fragrance free
  • no parabens or PEGs

Each 2 oz tube contains :

  • 2000mg Natural Progesterone
  • de-ionised water
  • caprylic/capric triglyceride
  • cetearyl olivate/sorbitan olivate
  • Aspen bark extract
  • vitamin E
  • dehydroxanthan gum

Natpro has: no animal derivatives, is not tested on animals, no added fragrance, no mineral oils, no colourants.The synthesis of the raw materials results in a progesterone molecule that is identical to that produced by the human body. It is only progesterone and can only be progesterone.If it was contaminated with anything else, be it yam, soy or any other plant, it would not be legal to call it progesterone. But above all, it would not be given certification by any of the organisations that do this.

Lets look at the contents in more detail :

    • The progesterone in Natpro is identical to the progesterone your body makes. ‘Progesterone Ph. Eur. USP JP’ is derived principally from stigmasterol, a steroidal sapogenin. Phytosterols are chemically similar to cholesterol which is found in animals. Cholesterol is the starting point for the hormones made naturally in animals, including humans. Plants such as the soy bean, Dioscorea species of yams, fenugreek, sisal, calabar bean, some lilies, yucca, some solanum species, maize and many more contain phytosterols, some of which are stigmasterol, diosgenin, sitosterol, campesterol, hecogenin, smilagenin, sarsasapogenin, solasodine. As these sterols have a similar molecular structure to progesterone they are used as starting points for the synthesis of progesterone. In the southern United States the sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) is called a yam, as are some edible members of the aroids. These plants do not contain any sapogenins. Don’t confuse Natpro progesterone cream with a bean or yam “extract”. Such extracts do not contain progesterone.
    • caprylic/capric triglyceride – is a ‘medium chain’ triglyceride of fractionated vegetable fatty acids extracted from coconut oil. It is colourless, neutral in odour and taste and has a very low viscosity. It has very good resistance to oxidation. It is an ideal ‘carrier’ for progesterone, as it penetrates the skin readily and is easily absorbed. It does not leave a greasy film and helps to retain moisture. Very importantly… it’s not a mineral oil and is unrefined.Lets examine these points more closely:
      • Mineral oils, being petro-chemicals, are potentially harmful because they are “endochrine disruptors”. They rob your body of the oil soluble vitamins A, D, E & K , and so deprive you of vital nutrients. Never use any product on your skin that contains mineral oils.
      • Heating or refining any vegetable oil causes damage. The good “cis” fatty acids that are found in vegetable oils are turned into bad “trans” fatty acids and the result is highly carcinogenic. Don’t use refined oils.
    • Vitamin E (dl-alpha tocopherol) – All emulsions made with vegetable oils have the potential to go rancid. For this reason dl-alpha tocopherol is used as it’s an ‘in vitro’ antioxidant. Standard preparations contain only 0.1%, however, Natpro progesterone cream contains a further 0.2%.
    • The new two part emulsifier system… cetearyl olivate/sorbitan olivate – a unique natural PEG-free organic emulsifier from Olive oil. It reduces skin water loss, has a high moisturizing effect, is hypoallergenic and biomimics the skin.
    • The new natural preservative systemAspen bark extract – is a natural organic preservative and as such is a unique discovery as it is an effective natural replacement for commonly used harmful chemical preservatives such as the ‘parabens’. It also improves the emollience (the ‘feel good’ factor) of the cream.
    • dehydroxanthan gum – is an Eco Certified, non GMO film former, fixative and emulsion stabilizer. It provides unprecedented hold under highly humid conditions without being tacky or flaking.
  • de-ionized water – this is a pure pharmaceutical grade standard.
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Transdermal Delivery of Progesterone

Creams have an advantage over all the other systems. No special method or applicator is needed to apply a cream, there’s no discomfort in using it as in some delivery systems, in fact it often soothes the problem quickly. It can be applied within seconds, on the run if need be.

A progesterone cream can be used anywhere on the body, it does not have to be applied to the thin skinned areas only. The skin comprises 95% kerotinocytes, these have ample progesterone receptor sites. Even hair follicles absorb progesterone well.

The dose of progesterone is dependant on the amount of the cream used. The strength of the creams vary from 1.5% to 10%.

The progesterone in a cream is absorbed well, and has been found to be as effective as injections and to enter circulation rapidly. Creams have an advantage over all the other systems in that they can be used where and when they are needed…

On painful areas, particularly on the stomach for menstrual cramps, for migraines/headaches, in the vagina for dryness and inflammation or on piles, excellent for burns, on the face where it helps with wrinkles and more.

No special method or applicator is needed to apply a cream, there’s no discomfort in using it as in some delivery systems, in fact it often soothes the problem quickly. It can be applied within seconds, on the run if need be.

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Remember, if you are wondering if you will ever feel like yourself again, and are ready to get rid of the mood swings, low sex drive, hot flushes, and more, Progesterone is the solution that will truly help you to get back to your normal, healthy life.

P.P.S.: Your menopausal and PMS symptoms aren’t going to go away on their own. You need to act now.

If you don’t act now, you’re not just sacrificing your physical health; you’re sacrificing your mental health and peace of mind, not to mention the well being of those around you. It’s really that serious.

Don’t just do nothing, ACT NOW!

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